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Feel free to contact me at Please note my privacy policy and the terms and conditions of this site before contacting me. I am looking forward to you.


"Spiritual healing serves to activate the self-healing powers and does not replace the diagnosis or treatment by a doctor or alternative practitioner."

If through the application of energy work and Holistic Coaching, no matter what kind of self-regulations occur, which could be experienced and evaluated as physical, emotional or mental effects or "healings", neither the practices nor I are responsible for them in the legal sense. Energetic or mediumistic actions and methods performed by me do not replace a doctor, alternative practitioner or psychiatrist as well as other helpful supporting physical or mental therapeutic treatments, but serve exclusively as spiritual and mental recovery aids as well as spiritual lifestyle.


According to the current jurisdiction, mental-spiritual healing is explicitly not a medical treatment, but to be assigned to pastoral care or religious practice with the goal of activating the self-healing powers.

I explicitly point out that as an energy worker and holistic coach I do not make any diagnoses. And I would also like to point out that I am not a doctor or non-medical practitioner, nor do I appear as a doctor or non-medical practitioner. I do not make any promises of healing in any form or at any time. The methods I favor do not replace a visit to the doctor and also the medications you are currently taking you continue to consult with your doctor. In every consultation I clearly point this out.

If you are undergoing psychic treatment and are taking medication of any kind, I explicitly point out that you have to state this in advance of an energy work or holistic coaching session. In case of a psychic treatment, an energy work or holistic coaching session should be discussed with the treating physician. When the term healing is used on these pages, it means an activation of the self-healing powers, not the curing of diseases as in medicine. Since the activation of the self-healing powers can be very different for each person, I do not make any promises of healing or success for the mentioned procedures. All information is without guarantee and non-binding. We are not liable for any disadvantages and damages resulting from the following statements. The advice given does not replace the examination or the care of an alternative practitioner or doctor.

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