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For almost 20 years I have been working with the reading of energy fields and the solving of issues that thereby becomes possible in the long term. 


In a reading in the field of consciousness I connect with the higher spiritual levels and call for you from the field answers to your questions. I also ask what information is worth knowing about your current concern and how it can be healed and changed sustainably. 



In this process, I use various methods such as constellation work, the release of beliefs and visualization exercises, which I use intuitively in the session.


Almost always it is about a learning task that you become aware of through what shows up in the field. You get messages and impulses about the further steps you can actively take to support your own change process.

120,-€ per session (approx. 60 - 90 minutes)

The sessions usually take place online or on-site, in Munich.

Registration at:


For more information about the field of consciousness, please visit the website of Stephan Meier, one of my consciousness trainers.

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