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In a trusting atmosphere you will get to know your voice and let it sound in its diversity. In healthy voice function and with the appropriate exercises I give you train your voice optimally and become more confident when singing songs.


You learn to interpret and perform songs. We always have elements of holistic coaching at our disposal to support you in your voice development in a mindful and loving way.

60,- € per session, the sessions usually take place online or on site, in Munich.


Yoshi's Jazzclub, Oakland, CA

After university studies at the Ludwig-Maximilian-University and a master's degree in speech psychology and speech sciences, I completed studies in jazz singing at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz. I spent further years in San Francisco and Los Angeles as a vocal coach and jazz singer. For many years I enjoyed working as a singer, speaker and holistic vocal coach. In the process, I was able to attend many advanced training courses and master classes in the area of singing and voice with wonderful teachers, for example: Rhiannon (Circle Singing), Kurt Elling (Jazz), Sheila Jordan (Jazz), Seth Riggs (Speech Level Singing), Mark Murphy (Jazz), Madeline Eastman (Jazz), Michele Weir (Scat), Dean Kaelin, Bobby Weinapple (acting lessons), Uwe Hackbarth (Antenne Bayern - speaker training), Dave Stroud (vocal technique) and many more.

Teaching voice has always been a great pleasure for me. I have given many workshops, classes and private sessions in the USA and Germany, including: Vocal Technique, Performance Training, Song Interpretation, Improvisation and Music Theory.

I also enjoy using tools such as EFT (tapping acupressure) and other coaching tools in my work with students to release inner blocks before singing. I am a member of IVTOM (International Voice Teachers of Mix).

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